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BUY ALBINO A+ MAGIC MUSHROOMS AU. BUY ALBINO A+ MAGIC MUSHROOMS ONLINE. A+ Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis A+) are related to another popular strain called the Albino A+. This strain is the result of growing Albino A+ with more natural sunlight which resulted in the “Albino” portion being removed and the mushrooms showing a light golden caps. A+ Shrooms appear to be medium in size and have a slightly silvery hue with caps that are caramel yet not quite brown caps.

The A+ strain is a descendent of the Mexicana strain and with this lineage you should expect shamanic properties which include both colourful visuals and deep exploration of thoughts and feelings. Laughter is also part of the A+ magic mushroom experience when enjoyed in a group. A+ shrooms can be experienced alone for self-reflection or with a group of friends for hours of ab workout laughter


  1. Donna M. Pierce

    we would all live a great world if everyone did shrooms! we would be better tuned with our real human selves and less overloaded with the false reality of…

  2. Sarah C. Rivera

    After a lot of researching, I’m thrilled I found Shaman Spores. Prices may be a tad higher than other vendors but their quality, customer service and quick…

  3. Ruth J. Carbajal

    Quality spores, fast and excellent customer service. All around awesome place to purchase spores.

  4. Pedro B. Deemer

    All around this company is a 10/10. I couldn’t be more impressed.

  5. Martha D. Reyna

    I really enjoy the products and different colored luer lock caps nice touch!

  6. Frank A. Alexander

    Spectacular service. Fast shipping. Extremely well packaged. Clean and well sealed. 10 out of 10 Even got some extra goodies too! Thanks!

  7. Sharon S. Varney

    Wonderful spores. Great quality. Fast shipping. Awesome value.

  8. William K. Crosby

    Really nice customer service! Emailed to check if my payment was received and got an answer the same day with an estimate arrival date!

  9. Debra M. Drake

    The Spore the merrier.

  10. Debra M. Drake

    The company has definitely gone above and beyond to fix any problems I had.Thank you to the employees of Shaman mushroom spores.

  11. Debra M. Drake

    Everything comes fast and easy this is a great place to order from I highly recommend it .

  12. Lillie M. Cormier

    10/5 starsAmazing spores and they obviously take pride in this!-Excellent quality spores-Fast shipping-Cool website and easy to navigate-Quality packaging, comes with a very nice sticker that I put on my laptop-Art style on the packaging is super cool-Wide selection to choose from-TONS of spores inside the syringes-They have their own sticker label art on the syringeHonestly what blew me away the most was the QUALITY of the spores, seriously I’ve never seen fresher or healthier.I can’t think of a single thing I would complain about and I have been known to give very critical reviews to companies in the past.I will be shopping here from now on!

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