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Buy Golden Emperor Magic Mushroom AU  .Are you looking to find the best deal on bulk dried shrooms? Luckily for you, you can now buy bulk dried shrooms at Australia Mushrooms. At AUSTRALIA Mushrooms we offer wholesale shroom prices when you buy pounds of mushrooms. You will find the best deals on lab-tested dried shrooms.

The Golden Emperor shrooms are the best introduction to the wonderful world of psilocybes, making it the most popular to psychedelic lovers, producing everything from simple visual tracers at smaller doses to transformative and mind-altering effects at higher amounts.
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Golden Emperor Magic Mushrooms fall under the umbrella of the larger Psilocybe cubensis species of mushrooms, which is merely one of more than 100 varieties of hallucinogenic fungi.

Psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin are the three main psychedelic components found in most hallucinogenic fungi, including Golden Emperor mushrooms.

Due to their ancestry to the well-known Golden Teachers strain, Golden Emperors have a similar potency and effects.Buy Golden Emperor Magic Mushroom AU


Golden Emperor shrooms are highly potent and provide people a profoundly reflective and meaningful trip, just like their parent strain. They are a highly dependable mushroom for both microdosing and long introspective dives.Buy Golden Emperor Magic Mushroom AU

Despite their potential for extreme potency, these mushrooms are less likely than others (like Penis Envy) to push you into psychedelic realms you’re not ready for.


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